Filipe Poeira - Instructor

About Filipe

Sporting involvement and excellence has been and continues to be an integral part of Fil’s life, which has been enhanced from Fil’s pursuit within academia which is highlighted by his Degrees in Sport and Exercise Science, and recent publications.

Fil’s career began as a sport scientist and sports nutritionist primarily working within elite sport and for Lucozade. Fil’s experience has enabled him to work with a variety of clients within health, fitness and sporting professionals, all of which has been highly rewarding bringing goals into reality.

Fil, is a qualified reformer pilates instructor at Chilli Pilates, combining his current and newly attained qualifications to enhance his career. Fil continues to attend conferences and courses to facilitate up-to-date knowledge and techniques, which are evidently transferred into improving his classes, consultations and 1 to 1 sessions.

Contact Details

07518 620750

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