Kendell Allen - Pilates Instructor

About Kendell

Kendell has always loved to keep fit and healthy. Playing football from a young age, at an international and semiprofessional level has allowed him to keep in shape and have a good understanding of the human body. After being released from various football clubs due to constant injury, Kendell decided to enroll at St Mary University where he obtained his honors degree in Health, Exercise and physical activity and a REP’s level 3 personal training qualification. After university Kendell has worked with a number of professional athletes, helping them to recover from injury; effectively helping them to regain their strength and mobility. Kendell has also worked closely with a number of different clients helping to improve their quality of life. Kendell is always keen to learn and improve and Chilli Pilates has shown him that we are a company he can develop himself in, working closely with staff and members.

Contact Details:

07435 859505

Kendell's Blog

Resistance Training is Key

Why is resistance training good for me? There are many forms of resistance training, ranging from bodyweight, free weight, machine […]

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