Alex Kalms - Pilates Instructor

About Alex

Alex has always had an interest in exercise and fitness. After completing a 2 year college course in Sport and Exercise Science, he then went on to attain his Personal Training Qualification through Westminster College London, where he excelled in planning and adapting personal training programmes. It was not until he attended a Pilates class, that Alex realised the clear health benefits and satisfaction gained from the sessions.

He strongly believes we must look after our bodies, even more so as we age. Pilates is a fantastic way to keep active and ensure optimum joint mobility and muscle strength, whilst reducing risk of injury. 

Alex’s mission as a personal trainer is to help members achieve and exceed their personal goals. He shows care and consideration with members, demonstrating a clear understanding of biomechanics. 

His enthusiasm creates an exciting yet effective experience within many different exercises. Alex is always looking to improve his abilities in the pilates and fitness environment.


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