If you have a question that isn’t below, please email us at members@chillipilates.co.uk


How do I find out how many available credits I have on my account?

Login and click “My Info”, then “My Account”.

To view your available class credits firstly check they have a “yes” under the column ‘Available for use’, then count the number of “unbooked” classes.


How do I update my Personal Information?

Login and click “My Info”, then “Profile”.

Click “edit” on the particular section you wish to update.


How do I see my future class reservations?

Login and click “My Info”, then “My Schedule ( Future Reservations )


How do I review my visit history?

Login and click “My Info”, then “My Visit History”


How far in advance can I book classes?

Members have a 14 day booking window, meaning you can only book 14 days ahead. If you wish to book further in advance or make a regular booking please contact member support.


What sites can I attend?

You can attend any of our 5 sites throughout Hertfordshire. You can attend any of our class types, fitness and pilates, off peak and peak.


What if I forget my login details?

Click on the underlined link in the upper right corner titled: “Forgot password?” The system will send an email containing your username and password to the email address that we have saved inside your account.

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