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Pilates with a Kick

At Chilli Pilates we believe that optimal results are achieved when exercising with the perfect balance between challenge and technique.

Using our Pilates Reformer beds our instructors will guide you through a series of exercises that will work all areas of your body, challenging your strength, core stability and flexibility whilst also improving your posture and teaching you how to move correctly.

So whether you’re a beginner to exercise or a fitness enthusiast, at Chilli Pilates you will not only transform how your body looks, but more importantly how your body feels too.

How can we help you

Do you have a goal but just don’t know how to achieve it?
Do you want to exercise more but don’t enjoy going to the gym?

Then Chilli Pilates is the ideal place for you; we are dedicated to creating an environment where you can enjoy exercising and feel comfortable.  And our team of instructors will give you the guidance and direction in every class to make sure you have a great work-out and get results!

The objective of our classes is to help you become stronger, more flexible and improve your posture. But our mission at Chilli Pilates is to make you feel FITTER, HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER!

What our members have to say...

"I attend classes two to three times a week and have noticed positive differences in my body strength and flexibility. I look forward to attending classes and find the hour goes by very swiftly"

Jarmaine Haddon, Welwyn Garden City

"Classes are always improving; it’s obvious that there is continuous education of instructors so that the classes are always at a high standard. Chilli Pilates has a pleasant environment; it is clean and has brilliant seasonal decorations"

Linda Smale, Welwyn Garden City

"I would thoroughly recommend Chilli Pilates, the studios are clean and well equipped. All the teachers that I have classes with are professional, friendly and very helpful. Its going to be perfect in the new year to help me work off the Christmas indulgence "

Ellie Glen, Knebworth

Chilli Pilates was established in 2009 and we taught our first Pilates class at our Welwyn Garden City studio in September of that year. With lots of hard work and dedication from our team and with an unwavering passion in Pilates we began to introduce the local community to the unique benefits of Reformer Bed Pilates, and ever since our first class our goal has been to provide the community of Hertfordshire an opportunity to become fitter, healthier and happier.

In 2013 we opened our 2nd studio in Harpenden and with an instant response from the local community we soon became a buzzing venue for exercise beginners as well as fitness enthusiast, all experiencing the benefits of a regular Pilates workout.

With more studios for our member to enjoy, we now teach more than 2500 members that benefit from what we do. If you want to feel Fitter, Healthier and Happier then why not come a try a class.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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