Reformer Pilates Near Me: the Path to Fitness on Your Doorstep

9.01.24 by Thomas Millar

Reformer Pilates Near Me

If you’re setting fitness goals for the New Year then there are a couple of things to bear in mind. One is that you’ve got to enjoy the chosen exercise otherwise you won’t persevere with it. The other is that to stay motivated, the workouts need to be convenient for you. This means that it needs to be locally based and at a time that suits you. 

We have 11 Pilates studios based in Hertfordshire and neighbouring areas so it’s likely that a Chilli Pilates studio will prove to be your nearest one. 

The advantages of having a nearby Reformer Pilates studio

There are many advantages to going to Reformer Pilates classes in your local area. The first is, of course, the fact that the studio is close to your home or your workplace. The shorter the journey time from where you are to the studio the better. You may even be lucky enough to live within walking distance of your nearest Chilli Pilates studio, so you’ll be getting even fitter! And if you’re addicted to your activity monitor, there’s the incentive to get more steps in too. 

It’s much more preferable to drive 10 minutes than it is to drive for 30 minutes or longer, and if something’s within ‘popping’ distance, you’re more likely to do it. There will be days when you don’t feel like exercising (even though you know you’ll feel much better when you’re there), so the fewer obstacles you can use as an excuse not to go the better! 

A local studio is more sociable

Attending local Reformer Pilates classes also means it’s more likely that people you know will be there too. You could start going with a friend or may find yourself sharing the class with people you recognise from your area – having someone familiar to do the Pilates classes with will always encourage you to keep going back. It also makes it more likely that you can find people to car share with which will help you save a bit of petrol, but more importantly, be more motivated to go. 

Having an exercise buddy is also a good idea because you can support and encourage each other, making it much more likely that you’ll keep going back for more. 

An additional benefit of attending your local studio is that if you make friends in the classes, they’ll likely be local too, making it a lot easier to meet up for a coffee and get to know each other better. 

Advantages of going to a local Chilli Pilates studio 

When you’re working out in your local Reformer classes, you’ll have even more support. Classes are done in small groups which means you get more individual attention from your instructor, which is always a great bonus. They’ll therefore have more time to focus on your specific needs, making sure you maintain good posture and are doing the exercises properly and using the equipment in the right way. This is especially important if you’re a beginner in the early stages of your fitness journey. 

There are many health and fitness benefits of Reformer Pilates including better posture, core strength, flexibility and reduced risk of injury. It’s also a great exercise to do if you have an injury, aches and pains caused by sitting at a desk too long, low fitness levels, mobility issues, or are starting your fitness journey at an older age because the Reformer bed provides you with a huge degree of support. 

Find your nearest studio 

If you’re not sure whether or not Reformer Pilates is for you, take advantage of our special offer to try your first workout for just £10. To make things more sociable, you can bring a friend for free! Simply select your local studio from the dropdown menu, and click the Buy Now button on the Try A Class for £10 section. Then come to one of our classes and find out for yourself! 

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