10 Reformer Pilates Benefits

4.04.22 by Jamie Burgess

reformer pilates benefits

When potential clients are considering taking classes with us, we often find ourselves faced with the question ‘what is reformer pilates good for?’ To answer this question, we’ve put together a rundown of reformer pilates benefits. 

reformer pilates benefits

1. Enhances Your Core Strength

One of the key health benefits of pilates is that it helps you to build your core strength. This is even more true with reformer pilates, as the machine requires you to use different areas of your core in order to perform each of the exercises properly and maintain balance.

2. Strengthens Your Body

Reformer Pilates requires you to use muscle groups throughout your entire body, strengthening and toning a wide range of muscles. After a few sessions, you may gradually begin to feel your body becoming stronger.  Each exercise uses the machine’s levers and springs in different ways in order to focus on different areas of the body, strengthening not only the larger muscle groups but also the smaller muscles used for stabilising.

3. Increases Your Flexibility

Reformer Pilates sessions incorporate deep stretching exercises, strengthening your muscles and increasing your flexibility. This will mean that you could enable an increased range of motion in your joints and will be able to move more freely without pain. 

4. Improves Your Mobility 

One of the key reformer pilates benefits is that it could enable you to improve your mobility and move around without pain or discomfort. This is because your muscles will begin to grow stronger, your joints will be more flexible and you will be more stable on your feet. Strengthening each part of your body through reformer pilates is a great way to recover from injuries or setbacks. 

5. Good For Your Posture

Reformer Pilates is great for your posture because it’s all about stretching and strengthening your muscles, and the movements require keeping your spine straight. By maintaining a strong posture throughout your reformer pilates sessions, you will strengthen the core muscles around your trunk which will help you maintain good posture. 

6. Helps Prevent Injuries

One of our favourite pilates reformer machine benefits is that it’s a low-impact, high-intensity activity, meaning that it’s the perfect exercise choice if you are prone to injuries or have recently recovered from an injury. The machine is specifically designed for exercises that reduce the load throughout your body, particularly on the knees and feet and prevent putting strain on your joints. 

7. Helps With Back Pain

Strengthening your core muscles and improving your posture will naturally help to improve any existing back pain. Reformer Pilates is a particularly effective way of doing this as it’s not weight-bearing activity and avoids the risk of making your pain or injury worse. 

8. Great For Your Mental Health

As with any form of exercise, reformer pilates is fantastic for your mental health and can help to reduce stress and anxiety. This is partly because exercise boosts endorphins which increase your feeling of mental well-being. It’s also a fun way to break up your day and an excuse to leave the house if you are cooped up working from home. Many people often find that the breathing techniques used in reformer pilates are great for mindfulness.  

9. Improves Your Sleep 

As reformer pilates helps to reduce stress and boost your mood, you will begin to notice that you are finding it much easier to have a good night’s sleep. The sessions can also help to reduce any pain from stiff joints or old injuries which can contribute to a poor sleep pattern

10. Increases Stability 

Our clients always say that one of the best reformer pilates benefits is that it helps to increase balance and stability. Reformer pilates requires you to maintain your balance in different positions on the machine, and you will gradually build strength in small, deep muscles which are useful for stability. 

An additional question we’re often asked is if reformer pilates benefits weight loss. The answer is that it will help in some way because it builds up muscle and improves fitness, but it also needs to be part of a healthy diet and fitness routine.  

If you would like to find out about the benefits of Pilates reformer classes for yourself,  why not book yourself in for a 50-minute taster session for just £10.

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