The best Reformer Pilates classes in Hertfordshire 

8.08.23 by Thomas Millar

best reformer pilates studio

Reformer Pilates classes in Hertfordshire are extremely popular, and for good reason. It’s important to appreciate that Reformer Pilates is not just a bandwagon people jump on because celebrities do it, it’s a tried and tested fitness technique that has been around for 100 years. And the fact that it’s been around for so long is testament to the fact that it works! 

Why does Reformer Pilates work so well? 

Reformer Pilates is a low impact exercise that has a number of benefits. Using a curated system of springs and pulleys, it provides a hugely effective form of resistance training which is great for building core strength. Regular Pilates Reformer classes will help you build up core stability, flexibility, assist with injury rehabilitation and preventing further injury, and help perfect posture making it an ideal method for desk workers to right the wrongs of being hunched over a computer all day. 

Reformer Pilates is a great exercise for beginners 

The reformer machines (also known as reformer beds) are what makes Pilates such a great exercise for beginners. The bed itself promotes smooth, mindful movements, so every session will give you a full-body workout. It provides your body with a lot of support which makes it a lot less likely that you’ll push your body too far and end up with a muscle strain or injury. And if you find any of the moves a bit too much (especially if you have an existing injury or are a beginner), your instructor will always have an alternative version of that move that you can do instead. 

Reformer Pilates is a great exercise for all ages

The support afforded by the reformer bed in combination with the low impact exercises and the adjustable resistance enables you to go at your own pace, making Pilates Reformer exercises ideal for all ages, whether you’re a complete beginner or have a high fitness level. The dynamic movements exercise all the muscle groups helping with strength training, improving flexibility and stability, developing core strength and muscle growth and improving cardiovascular fitness – all the physical attributes you need more of as you age. And as a group fitness activity, it’s also great for mental health too. Our Pilates classes are ideal for people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older. 

Reformer Pilates classes Hertfordshire 

What Chilli Pilates offers is small group classes led by expert trainers with a wealth of health, fitness and personal training experience. 

We have a variety of membership options available that are great value for money and certainly a lot less than you’d pay in a London studio. 

The majority of our studios are in Hertfordshire, but we also have one in Biggleswade in Bedfordshire, and a few on the Hertfordshire/Greater London border. And in Summer 2023, we are opening a brand new studio in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire.

Want to give it a go? 

If you’re not sure if these are the best Pilates classes for you, take advantage of our trial offer and book a class for just £10. We understand that sometimes you need a bit of support when you’re trying out new things, so you can also bring a friend for free (or split the cost to make it even better value)! If you love it (which most people do), then you can talk about membership options with the instructor. Membership will entitle you to do classes at any of our locations – so if you’re lucky enough to have a Chilli Pilates studio near your home and one near where you work, you don’t have to worry about which classes to opt for. 

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