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Joe Mansfield

(1116) Lower Body Strength & Tone with Joe

With Joe Mansfield

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Equipment required

Exercise Mat: If you don’t have an exercise mat you can use a blanket, towel or duvet. If you can’t get up and down from the floor, you can do the workout on your bed.

Cushion/Pillow:  Please ensure you have a cushion to kneel on, if you can’t kneel please use a chair for alternative exercises.

Water: Please make sure you have some water.

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Workout Plan

  • Pigeon
  • Hip Flexor Stretch / Front Splits
  • Standing March on the Spot
  • Curtsey Lunge
  • Overhead Squat
  • Superman
  • Prone Beats
  • Hamstring Bridge
  • Elephant
  • Side Lying Up & Down
  • Side Lying Clam
  • Flamingo
  • Single Leg Load
  • Standing Heel Lifts
  • Vertical Shin
  • Seated Figure 4 Stretch
  • Roll Down

Video No. 1116

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