Tailored Nutrition

9.05.18 by Fil Poeira

People are now more health and exercise conscious, we all look for the best exercise programme or the ‘healthiest’ diet, but with so much information from academics to the media influence, how is one to know…?

Nutrition is an integral part of life, especially when in combination with exercise. But what makes nutrition important is how it functions to supply not only energy by which we are dependent on for our day-to-day functioning, but also the key vitamin and minerals of which have very little internal storage, emphasising how important it really is to be eating the correct foods to ensure overall bodily health, and highlighting nutrition as an absolute essential need.

All people should be seeking a healthy, well balanced diet, a term I’m sure you have come across. However, a healthy well balanced diet between different population groups can be interpreted as very different, and this is where by knowing what your nutritional/exercise goals are, can you better tailor your dietary needs to attain the results you desire.

Macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) and micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) are factors which a diet is comprised mostly of, and of course can be consumed how one wishes, however, the science of nutrition shows us that by controlling portion sizes, eating times, and delving into the ratios as to when we should be eating such forms of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, can we better understand and fulfil our bodily nutritional requirements.

A question you might be asking is, well how do I enhance my nutrition? If this is a question that you would like the answer to, then I believe this Tailored Nutrition offer is for you. By having the correct guidance and information, you can be best set on the path to an enhanced nutritional way of life, whether this be from healthy eating, improving energy levels, or supporting and developing your exercise/pilates performance.

Don’t put up with the bombarded world of nutrition any longer, simplify an area which has been made overwhelmingly confusing by company marketing. Let me put the science of nutrition into practice and bring back simplicity.

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Filipe Poeira
Personal trainer, Sports Nutritionist and Reformer Pilates instructor

All services are provided by instructors on a self-employed basis.

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