“Does running out of wine count as cardio?”

2.03.17 by Thomas Millar

Cardio. We all have our opinions about it…

We love it.
We hate it.
We like to do it as quick as possible, pushing our bodies to the limit.
We like to go for as long as possible and zone out from everything.
We do it because ‘we should’.
We stay away from it as much as we can.. unless there is a zombie apocalypse, in which case…FINE, I will run… but I won’t enjoy it!

My name is Mitch and in this blog I am going to help you understand cardio inside out.. What is it? Why should you do it? And how do you do it?!

**Read this article whilst running on the spot to get the most out of it**

So let’s find that workout playlist, put our headphones in, lace up our trainers and have a bottle of water handy for hydration!

We’re off…

Cardio stands for Cardiovascular exercise, this is ANY exercise that increases HR (heart rate), Oxygen consumption and blood circulation.

“Ok, So now I know what it is.. And this playlist has got me pumped.. But what do I get from it?”

There are numerous benefits of doing Cardiovascular exercise. Here are my top 5:

Fat Loss – This occurs when you expend more calories(kcal) than you consume. Cardio exercises are a great way to burn these calories. Whilst doing cardio you increase the amount of oxygen needed by the body. An increase then occurs in HR to pump blood around the body carrying the oxygen to the muscles, therefore requiring more energy in the form of calories to facilitate this.

Increases Metabolism – Aiding to our quest for fat loss! Cardio exercises also help speed up our metabolism as the whole body moves from a resting level to a higher rate of calorie burning. The boost to your metabolism can also continue for hours after you finish your cardio exercise. This is known as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).

Improved Heart Health – The heart is like any muscle in the body. To make it stronger we need to work it harder. By doing cardio, your heart needs to work more than in other forms of exercise. It will then become more efficient and stronger over time, leading to a healthier, longer life!

Better Sleep – Cardio helps to reduce stress by flooding the body with endorphins and making you feel good about yourself! A long bike ride or swim for example can also help clear your thoughts and take your mind away from the stress in your life. Let’s face it, after doing cardio you’re going to feel tired and fall asleep quicker too!

Increased Bone Density – By performing weight bearing exercises (moving against gravity counts) either through high impact or low impact, the bones can rebuild and become stronger as they retain more calcium. This helps to fight against osteoporosis!

“All of that and more?!.. this is great…Right, quick splash of water and we are into the home stretch.. How should I do my cardio?”


“Hang on.. Westlife somehow found their way into this playlist..

You were saying…”

There are 2 main categories of cardio. HIIT or LISS.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – Imagine lungs burning, sweat pouring and red faces. This is that kind of cardio. Pick a simple exercise and do it repeatedly, split into intervals of near maximal effort for a short amount of time with small rest periods in between. A good place to start is 30 secs of exercise followed by 30 secs of rest for around 15-20 mins. Good fun.. But bring a towel!

LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) – Think running round a lake or cycling on a Sunday morning. This is a longer duration of exercise, usually around an hour or more at the same pace. Perfect for clearing your head and moving your heart into the fat burning zone for an extended period of time.

“I’m there! I think I might have a blister.. but I feel good and can’t wait to do my next bit of cardio”

To find out more information or to have a go at doing cardio in your fitness routine (whether you like a brisk walk or doing 10 rounds of boxing with a Personal Trainer) please contact Mitch Price!

07834727988 or mitch@mperformance.info

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