What is the difference between ‘reformer Pilates’ and ‘dynamic Pilates’?

15.06.22 by Thomas Millar

The short answer is there is no difference between ‘reformer Pilates’ and ‘dynamic Pilates’. They’re just two different terms for what is essentially the same thing – Pilates exercises using the reformer bed. Reformer bed Pilates is a full-body workout that strengthens the core, aligns the posture, tones the muscles, and prevents injury at the same time as improving body fitness. 


People call it ‘dynamic Pilates’ because the reformer bed means you get a more dynamic form of exercise. We prefer the phrase ‘reformer Pilates’ because it’s more commonly recognised and people understand that it will involve exercise on the reformer bed.


The Pilates reformer bed 


The reformer bed may look a bit unnerving, but its primary function is to support your body at the same time as providing resistance in order to intensify the movement. Our classes incorporate corrective movements with body sculpting exercises, using different parts of the reformer bed. 


The bed has different coloured springs which provide different resistance strengths, and you adapt these springs for each exercise according to your own strength and experience. You will be instructed whether to sit, lie or perch on the moving platform, and you’ll be told which elements of it you’ll need to use – the footbar, ropes and pulleys, carriage, box, etc.


Dynamic exercise = results 


We designed our reformer Pilates classes to have a fantastic sense of flow. One exercise moves seamlessly into the next, working on different muscles and allowing us to get a lot into one class! Our classes help a wide variety of individuals of all strengths and abilities – the movements are the same, but the reformer bed allows you to add more resistance so you can progress at your own pace. This is why all our reformer Pilates sessions are suitable for everyone – they will never be too difficult or too easy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or have years of experience doing Pilates, you’ll always be challenged because you’re the one in control.  


Reformer Pilates for recovery from injury


Reformer Pilates is perfect if you’re recovering from an injury – the reformer was originally designed as a way of allowing hospital patients to do physiotherapy exercises to help them regain core strength and fitness even when they were confined to their bed. Every exercise has a gentler alternative that will help you strengthen your body without provoking any injury or painful area. 


We even hold Rehab & Fundamentals sessions, especially for people with injury or chronic illness. As reformer Pilates is a dynamic exercise, it will improve strength and fitness, tone the body, and lengthen muscles, but at a gentle pace. The additional benefit is that the exercise will encourage the body to release endorphins, which lifts the mood and helps to improve your quality of life. 


Want to give it a try? 


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