Mastering The Pigeon

18.08.16 by Thomas Millar

We LOVE the Pigeon stretch here at Chilli Pilates, we use it regularly in our classes! It is a great stretch for the muscles surrounding the hip and can be useful for those with lower back issues.

It can be a tricky stretch to get right, and to get into the right position. So, we have created a few top tips for you to follow to ensure you are getting the most from this awesome stretch in your classes.

Top Tips

– When moving the carriage outwards try to lower your hip down towards the heel of your front foot, this will prevent your hips from rotating.

– Keep your arms straight throughout the movement, keeping your chest lifted with a proud posture as the carriage returns.

– Don’t forget to breath – This stretch can be very intense so it’s common to stiffen up and hold you breath. Relax into the movement, exhaling as you push the carriage away and inhaling as it comes home.

Pigeon @ Home Guide

18.08.16 by Thomas Millar

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18.08.16 by Thomas Millar

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