What we look for in our Reformer Pilates instructors

2.03.23 by Thomas Millar

Charlie Newton - Single Arm Rotation

We understand that the quality of our Reformer Pilates classes is dependent on the quality of our Reformer Pilates instructors. This is why we only employ instructors who already have a personal training (PT) qualification, a sports science degree or a therapy and rehabilitation degree. Then, before our instructors take their first class, they receive full-time training in our own 10-week instructor training course.  

But that’s not where it ends. Just having the right qualifications isn’t enough! We are also looking for the kind of personal qualities that will elevate someone from being a good instructor into being a great instructor. 



Firstly, our instructors must have a passion for health and fitness as well as for Reformer Pilates. And judging by their qualifications, our instructors love fitness and exercise! Between them, they provide a variety of additional fitness services for Chilli Pilates members, such as PT sessions, sports massage, injury rehabilitation, back pain management, nutrition advice, mat Pilates, and pre- and post-natal Pilates. Check out each instructor profile to discover what they specialise in and contact them for more information. 


People skills 

We want you to enjoy your Reformer Pilates classes, which is why it’s so important that our instructors have great people skills. We guarantee that as soon as you walk through the door you’ll be greeted with a smile and made to feel very welcome. 

Our instructors also have great teaching skills. It’s important to tell you which springs you need to use and demonstrate the exercises you’re doing, but that’s not enough. Our Reformer Pilates instructors are proactive. They will make sure you understand their instructions for the Pilates exercises, answer any questions you might have, make sure that you’re doing the moves correctly – and gently correct you if you aren’t. 

Knowledge is crucial to great teaching, which is why our instructor training course is so comprehensive. Our instructors know everything there is to know about Reformer Pilates and will be able to answer any question you have about it. When it comes to the classes, they’ll know which muscles each exercise works on and why that’s important. They’ll know extremely effective alternative exercises you can do if you’ve injured a certain muscle or are experiencing localised pain. With their background in health and fitness, they can talk to you about how Reformer Pilates fits in with your overall fitness and what else you can do to maintain or improve it. 

The ability to motivate is also something we look for when we’re recruiting new Chilli Pilates instructors. If you’re one of those people who struggle with fitness goals, you’ll need a bit of extra encouragement when coming to our classes. We want our instructors to motivate you to do your best, so you not only see results and feel the benefit of doing Reformer Pilates, but also enjoy it. That’s the only way you’ll continue on your fitness journey.


Best Pilates instructors 

At Chilli Pilates, we only recruit the best sports and fitness specialists, and we then train them up to be the very best Reformer Pilates instructors. So whether you’ve been doing Reformer Pilates for years or need something suitable for beginners, we can definitely help you. So if you’re looking for a fitness instructor in St Albans, a Pilates instructor in Bedfordshire, or a sports massage therapist in Welwyn Garden City or are simply looking for Reformer Pilates in any of our 10 locations, find a studio near you and scroll down the page to meet our instructors.

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