Cat Stretch @Home Guide

27.02.17 by Thomas Millar

Practicing Cat Stretch at Home

In the video below David & Siobhain explain and demonstrate how to practice the Cat Stretch at home. The video talks you through the basic set up position and the simple cues to help you perform the exercise effectively.

Cat stretch is a very simple pilates based exercise, yet very effective and one that you can easily practice at home. This exercise helps keep your spine healthy by promoting good spinal mobility, as well as working your abdominals. Your spine can become very stiff and loses mobility if you sit in a slouched posture for long periods of the day, and this exercise helps you regain some movement in the spine.

Cues to help you perform effectively:

  • Hands beneath shoulders, knees beneath hips
  • During flexion:
  1. Push shoulder blades apart & separate as much as possible
  2. Tuck the tail between the legs
  • During extension:
  1. Stick bottom out
  2. Back curves downwards
  3. Draw shoulder blades together

How to perform:

  • Perform the exercise for 1 minute
  • Rest for 30seconds
  • Repeat 3-5 times

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