The Pilates Tower

The Tower, what can I say?

Just when I thought there couldn’t be more ways in which my body could move, along came the Tower.

Like the reformer, my reaction when first getting introduced to this scary-looking extension to what already looks like some kind of torture contraption, is of reluctance and intimidation. However, as soon as I started to use it, beginning to explore the different parts of the Tower, I immediately started to realise what it can do for my body.

Tower Promo

The springs are different to that of a Reformer, offering a challenge of stability as they can move in all three planes. Where core strength is concerned, the subtle changes not only to the exercises but also to the direction of the resistance make the Tower a brilliant tool. The precision which you can demonstrate on the push-through bar allows you to reach new levels of mobility in your joints and flexibility in your muscles.

The comprehensive nature of a tower session highlighted more areas of my body which needed attention. I discovered brand new muscles in my body that hadn’t been worked before, even more than when I first tried the Reformer!

The Tower has helped me appreciate the importance of technique all over again and I’m seeing an immediate impact on my performance of exercises in my regular Reformer classes. I can totally see how this combination will help me to achieve the body that not only looks great, but feels amazing too.

Written by David Miller

If you would like the try out the Pilates Tower, then don’t miss this great promotion; Book a 55minute Tower session in March and get 50% off.

All participating instructors are listed below, please contact them directly to book.

 Prince Appleton
07575 735620
Potters Bar and Harpenden
 Rachael Robb
07590 023774
Bushey and Welwyn Garden City
 Sara Lawlor
07468 004532
Potters Bar and Harpenden
Toby Lynes
07890 939860
Sam Crispe
07792 039654
Welwyn Garden City and Potters Bar
Julien Hoffman
07821 201661
Welwyn Garden City and Potters Bar
 Steve Fisher
07952 262525
Harpenden and Welwyn Garden City

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