Chilli Pilates Gift Cards

To wish a Happy Birthday, to celebrate an Anniversary or just to say Thank You…whatever the reason a Chilli Pilates Gift Card can be the perfect gift to bring a smile to someone’s face.

We are very excited to say that our New Chilli Pilates Gift cards are now available at our studio’s, you’ll see them displayed in the waiting area.

How do they work?

Our Gift Cards are completely ‘self-service’, so if you would like to give someone a gift card it couldn’t be easier.

Simply pick one-up from your studio and follow the instructions on the back to register you card and add a gift balance. You can choose to either add a £ amount to the card to be used for any Chilli Pilates service or you can just add some class credits (if you’re an existing member you can even transfer some of your own credits).

Once you’ve completed the on-line gift card registration you’ll receive and email confirmation that the gift balance has been added and then it’s ready to be enjoyed!

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