Cosmetics Vs Cosmeceuticals

26.06.19 by Face and Skin

You’ve spent anything from £5 to £500 for that little pot of miracle cream that claims it’s going to banish those lines and make you 20 years younger overnight…right?

We’ve all been there mesmerised by the pretty packaging, the gorgeous scent the bold claims, the hefty price tag and the latest celebrity advertisement so it has to work. So ladies and gents I want to set the record straight and help you distinguish between the nonsense and value, so that you really can get the results you want and so you can wear your skin with pride and stop wasting money and time!

We are going to talk about the difference between cosmetic skincare (over the counter, self-prescribed) and cosmeceutical skincare (consultation only, prescribed by a skin specialist).

Cosmetics or Over the Counter products

Cosmetics are products that you can self-prescribe, buy over the counter and tend to be sold in beauty departments, supermarkets and department stores. Cosmetic products will provide a temporary result, maybe a quick fix and help maintain moisture levels in the skin, they only penetrate the first layer of the skin (dead skin cells) and must not alter the skin cell hence why they can be self-prescribed and are so readily available. The ingredients may have some active ingredients but they have to be in low doses and aren’t allowed to penetrate enough to make a physical change in the skin cell.

The cosmetic market is massive with a lot of hype, huge marketing budgets and pretty packaging. The price you pay doesn’t always reflect in the result you will get. Think of them as a pamper product.

Cosmeceuticals – Scientific skincare with a medical origin

Cosmeceutical skincare are products that have to be prescribed by a skincare specialist as the ingredients are very active and deliver deeper into the skin cells to make a measurable difference and deliver RESULTS.

Cosmeceuticals bridge the gap between medical and cosmetics so you get the results without the downtime. The reason why they work so effectively are because they are prescribed to your individual skin, the ingredients penetrate into the 5th layer of the skin (the living layer) and the ingredients are in effective doses (the amount and the way it absorbs is the difference between result and no result). Hero ingredients to look out for in your cosmeceuticals are:

Vitamin A (aka Retinol) – The holy grail of skincare as this ingredient helps to normalise the skin cells, everybody needs Vitamin A on their skin!

Vitamin C – Essential for protecting, evening out colour and boosting your own collagen production.

SPF – keeps the skin protected from the sun, prevents wrinkles and fine lines, can help prevent the development of cancer, lessen the need for cosmetic surgery in the future and reduce the chance of discoloration of the skin.

Hylauronic Acid – Essential natural moisturiser and plumper as it binds water in the skin.

Peptides – The building blocks for proteins like collagen: hello smoother plumper skin!

Antioxidants – You need a brigade of these to keep the skin protected.

AHA’s – Work with the skin to melt the build up of dead skin cells.


So if you are a product junkie, a product abuser or a cosmetic user, it’s time you made the change and book in for your consultation with the Face&Skin team to start your skincare journey to see real results.


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