Feeling Better is Better

From day to day we all have times where we get general stiffness, aches, pains, injuries and post operation instabilities which can affect us when it comes to our livelihood and what we want to do. We don’t want to feel restricted when we are either at work, socialising, spending time with our families or even just relaxing and sometimes there are factors within the body which stop us doing what we want to do e.g. injuries preventing us from activities. However rehabilitation can help us return to feeling better!

Rehabilitation is a process in which pains and injuries are addressed within the musculoskeletal system and then worked on in order to improve and return to the optimum levels of functionality, fitness and strength. The stages in which rehabilitation works is to:
-Start by identifying and diagnosing the problem with an assessment of the affected area.
-Addressing pain management, getting rid of or reducing the pain if there is a presenting pain.
-Returning the range of motion/movement around the affected areas joints and muscles. This may be done by sports massage or even functional movements and training. It is common for range of motion to decrease after possible injuries causing inflammation, swelling and pain.
-Returning strength and endurance to the affected area and surrounding areas using exercises differing in intensities and styles such as cardiovascular training or non-resistance/resistance training.
-Focus on improving balance, proprioception and coordination. Balance and proprioception consists basically of the conscious and subconscious awareness of our body’s position in relation to the space around it. Proprioceptive re-education gets the muscle receptors working for rapid motor response our body uses proprioception to protect its muscles and joints through proper positioning to prevent overstretching or tearing or tendons, ligaments etc.

The body really is a fascinating and at the same time complex structure and rehabilitation can help get your body back to that desired state and functionality to enable you to FEEL BETTER.

I want you to think about your current day to day life, are you happy with the way your body is functioning through your daily activities? Is there anything stopping you doing things you love? Would you like something to change?

I am offering the opportunity to work with me in a 1:1 environment where we can work on the rehabilitation program together followed by a plan created by myself to return the affected area you present to its ideal and optimum pain free functionality. An example of this may be you come to me with shoulder pain and then through an assessment we can find out the problem, then with the assistance of rehabilitation exercises and massage, relieve the pain and work on training the shoulder to an improved range of motion/movement and strength.
My offer will be your first session with me being 50% off from a usual £55 for a 55-minute session down to £27.50.

MATT WYATT – Sports Therapist Bsc (Hons)
Reformer Pilates Instructor

All services are provided by instructors on a self-employed basis.

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