The Tower 1-1

The tower is essentially an extension to the Pilates Reformer. But what separates it from the machine we use in our group classes when used in a one-to-one setting?


1. Isolation. Control is a priority when exercising on the Tower, which allows us to focus in on specific muscles and joints to ensure the highest quality movement. Since you’re only as strong as your weakest link, the Tower will unveil the muscles, joints and movements which need most attention. The result is a more resilient, bullet-proof body.


2. Class Improvement. Tower students do advance quickly which is a nice perk of the apparatus. After just a few sessions you will notice how the Tower compliments the reformer. The comprehensive ‘Cat’ exercise will improve your ‘Cat Curl’, whilst the ’Scorpion’ will improve your ‘Elephant’.


3. Let’s Get Back to Basics. There is always something to be gained from revisiting the fundamental principles of Pilates, which the Tower demands of all willing participants. Think you’ve nailed a curl up? Refine your skills in the revealing ‘Roll Bar Series’!


4. An Unparalleled Stretch. When was the last time you really stretched? The Tower exercises assign a great deal of focus to opening the hips and lengthening the spine, with a special emphasis on breathing to deepen each stretch. A Tower session is guaranteed to leave you feeling taller and lighter. Just ask an instructor about ‘Reverse Monkey’…


5. More Core. It’s still Pilates, but with more spring options for extra resistance, which means it still tones the abs and builds stronger, deep abdominals. Almost all Pilates core work is taught to come from the deepest layer of the abdominal wall, the transverse abdominis. Continual engagement of the TVA during Pilates exercises ultimately results in a tighter waist, a healthier posture, and a visibly flatter midriff. Believe it or not, the Tower will test you in ways your core just hasn’t yet experienced.






Only £30 when you make your booking before Sunday 17th November!

You must have your session before Tuesday 31st December.

*A maximum of one session per member may be taken at the discounted rate.


All services are provided by instructors on a self-employed basis.


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