Suspension Pilates: A new dimension….

30.09.15 by David Miller

At Chilli Pilates, we always strive to offer you the best that the fitness world has to offer.

Over the past ten years, suspension training was born and then developed to become one of the most popular but also critically acclaimed fitness innovations.

After using it ourselves and experiencing both the benefits and the enjoyment that it procures, we realised that it could perfectly complement our state of the art Pilates method and decided to find the best way to blend both. That is how Suspension Pilates came to be.

Suspension training much like Reformer Pilates relies on the Reformer Bed, relies on the use of a suspension trainer. In our studios it relies on the TRX more particularly.

The TRX is made of two strong adjustable straps, which were originally inspired by military parachute harnesses and straps. These two straps have a single anchor point at one extremity and two handles at the other. You could compare it to the ropes and loops on our beds, and as explained below, it shares other similarities with the Reformer.

Suspension training shares several common themes with Pilates but also brings something else, something more…

One of the common aspects is the importance of the core musculature and the ability to recruit it and use it properly. Like Pilates, Suspension training focuses mainly on functional, whole body movements that have an exceptional carry over to real life activities.

It differs slightly from our dear Reformer in the way that it relies exclusively on one’s body weight and its relationship with gravity. This means that it can easily generate more resistance than the Reformer bed, leading to exceptional strength gains, but also offers support and allows one to perform challenging body weight exercises more easily.

As the title suggests, Suspension training introduces you to a new dimension, not just because it’s relatively new and unknown, but also as the exercises require you to move in all three dimensions, constantly challenging the entire body. This leads to a greater overall effort, maximising the amount of calories burnt and leading to serious improvements in coordination.

We have designed a workout that uses both the Suspension trainer and the Reformer to increase strength and muscle tone dramatically, with other potential benefits such as improved balance and coordination, and weight loss.

It is hard to describe such an exciting and brilliant concept with mere words so please watch the video below or to really find out what Suspension training is all about, talk to one of our Suspension Pilates qualified instructors (details below the video) and book your first discounted session!

Here are the names, numbers and locations of the trainers who are able to help you with Suspension Pilates :

Welwyn Garden City – Steve, Sam C, SIobhain, Julien, Charlie
Harpenden – Sara, Sam T, Steve, Toby
Potters Bar – Oran, Julien, Rob C, Sam C, Sara, Sam T
Bushey – Siobhain, Charlie, Rob C, Toby

Julien Hofmann (07821201661)
Steve Fisher (07952262525)
Sam Turle (07568140562)
Siobhain Little (07454543335)
Robert Chambers (07891382866)
Sam Crispe (07792039654)
Sara Lawlor (07468004532)
Toby Lynes (07890939860)
Charlie Ford (07989208111)

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