Friends with Benefits

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‘Working-out’ by definition is challenging, but one of the most challenging things about exercise is that we often embark on our new fitness regimes on our own and it can become a struggle to stay committed and motivated without someone else to support you.

It is proven that by exercising with friends you are much more likely to achieve your goals, here are some of the key benefits you can experience by exercising with a friend…


You won’t skip your session…
By committing to a workout with a friend you are much less likely to skip your session.

You will work harder…
We are naturally competitive so exercising with a friend will cause you to push yourself to work harder.

Build your confidence together…
Sometimes exercising can be intimidating and we can often become self-conscious, but exercising with a friend breaks down these issues and helps to build your confidence.

Stay committed to exercise regularly…
Results don’t come over night, it takes time and effort to reach our goals and by embarking on your exercise regime with a friend you will keep each other motivated.

Friends give honest feedback…
You can trust your friends to give honest feedback on how you’re progressing, and they’ll notice how your body changes and recognise the hard work and effort you’re putting in.

Enjoy exercising together… 
Things are always more enjoyable when you share it with a friend, the same thing goes with exercise.

Lastly, by exercising with a friend you can save money…
At Chilli Pilates we have a fantastic Joint Membership system that allows you to save money by attending classes with a friend.


Joint Membership Options

Share a membership with a friend and save a minimum of £10 per month…

  • If you and a friend are attending 1 class per week rather than paying £67 per month each you can share a 2 class per week membership for £124 per month saving £10 per month.
  • If you both want to attend some extra classes you can share a 3 or 4 class per week membership and save even more money on your monthly membership.

If you would like more information about our joint memberships or if you would like to arrange a FREE Taster class for you and a friend simply enter your information below and we will contact you to discuss;

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