How far in advance can I book classes?

The Unlimited Membership allows you to book classes up to 4 weeks in advance.


Can I book a regular class?

The Unlimited Membership allows you to book 2 regular class spaces – you can apply or change them here https://chillipilates.co.uk/book-a-regular-class/


Can I attend classes at different studios?

You can attend classes at any of our 5 studios. You can attend any of our class types including Reformer Pilates, Rehab Pilates and Chilli Fitness (including all Peak & Off Peak classes).


Is there a penalty for No-showing or Late Cancelling classes?

To prevent abuse of our cancellation policy, if you exceed 3 Late Cancellations or No-shows within a calendar month you will be charged £5 for each subsequent Late Cancellation or No-show. To avoid this simply cancel any unwanted class reservations 24 hours before the class start time.


When will my membership fee be charged?

Your monthly membership fee will be charged automatically on the same date each month from the debit or credit card stored on your account.


Can I Suspend my membership?

Unlimited memberships can be suspended for a maximum of 6 weeks per calendar year (unless medical exemption is provided by your GP or physician). The minimum suspension period is 4 consecutive weeks. If you need to suspend your membership, please contact member support, they will send you a form to fill in. NOTE: You cannot attend classes while your membership is suspended.


How do I Terminate, Suspend or Downgrade from an Unlimited membership

A 42 day notice is required for all unlimited membership Terminations, Downgrades or Suspensions. To apply you must contact the member support team, they will then send you the appropriate application form electronically.


Can I share my Unlimited membership?

Unlimited memberships cannot be shared, your unlimited membership from time to time will have offers and discounts that you can apply to friends and family. Please contact our member support team for more information.


Is there an Off-Peak Reward system on the Unlimited membership?

There is currently no Off-Peak Reward system that applies to the unlimited membership, as the existing ‘1 FREE class’ reward has no value to an unlimited member.


How do I download the Chilli Pilates App?

You can download the app by searching “chilli pilates” on the Apple or Google Play store. Links can also be found on chillipilates.co.uk/members-area. On the Chilli Pilates App you can access your past and future bookings plus much more.


If you have any further questions, please email us at members@chillipilates.co.uk

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