Reformer Bed Rental – Terms & Conditions

Rental Contract: A one month notice period is required to cancel your Rental Contract. NOTE: If you cancel your Rental Contract within the first 3 months you will be charged a collection fee of £50.

Rental Payments: Your first rental payment will be charged on the date you purchase your rental agreement. Your ongoing monthly rental payments will be scheduled to commence 1 month from the date of delivery and will be charged from the debit/credit card stored on your Chilli Pilates account on the same date each month thereafter.

Delivery & Setup Fee: A fee of £50 will be charged when your delivery date and time have been confirmed. A member of the Chilli Pilates team will contact you to arrange a suitable day/time.

Suitable Delivery Policy: We only deliver to locations within Hertfordshire, and installation will be refused if the property or location within the property are not reasonably accessible (e.g. we will only install Reformer Beds on the ground floor). If our delivery team refuse installation, your rental fee will be refunded but you will still be charged your £50 delivery fee.

Our Reformers are Pre-used: The hirer understands that the Reformer is pre-used and is provided in fully serviced and functional condition.

Cancellation: A one month notice is required to cancel your Rental Contract. The hirer will be charged up until the point the agreement ceases. NOTE: If you cancel your Rental Contract within the first 3 months you will be charged a collection fee of £50.

Recall Policy: Chilli Pilates reserves the right to recall the Reformer at anytime, a minimum of 2 weeks notice will be given to the hirer if the Reformer is recalled.

Reformer Collection: If the hirer does not make the Reformer available for collection on termination of the rental contract, the hirer shall be responsible for the Rental Fee until the Reformer is collected by Chilli Pilates. Should the hirer make the Reformer available to the Chilli Pilates before the end of the agreed rental period, Chilli Pilates shall be entitled to charge the hirer the full amount or a proportion of the Rental Fee that Chilli Pilates deems appropriate.

Payment delays: Failure to pay may, at the discretion of Chilli Pilates, result in the termination of the rental contract. During the rental contract, Chilli Pilates reserves the right to charge interest on overdue Rental Fees and an administration fee of £40.00 in respect of each late payment.

Maintenance & Repairs: In the event of Reformer failure, Chilli Pilates will use reasonable endeavours to repair the Reformer within fourteen working days at no charge to the hirer. Should the failure prove to be due to misuse or the fault of the hirer, Chilli Pilates reserves the right to pass on the repair costs and engineering charges to the hirer. Under no circumstances shall the hirer attempt any repairs or maintenance of the Reformer. The hirer is responsible for day to day adjustment and care of the Reformer (for example: handles, rope alignment, carriage position) in accordance with the Reformer Bed Use & Care guide. Chilli Pilates will impose a charge of up to £50 for visits to the Reformer for matters of this nature.

Accidental Damage & Misuse: Any damage caused by improper use will be charged to the user.

Care of Reformer: The hirer shall, at their own expense, keep the Reformer in a clean and good condition and not subject it to any misuse or wear and tear over that consistent with normal and reasonable use, maintaining where applicable Chilli Pilates’ recommendations as per the Reformer Bed Use & Care guide. The hirer shall be responsible for any and all expenses incurred by Chilli Pilates in recovering possession or repossessing the Reformer under the terms of this Agreement and shall pay such sums immediately on demand.

Modification to Reformer: The Reformer shall not be altered, modified, adjusted, defaced or repaired by the hirer. Doing so will render the hirer liable for the full replacement cost of the Reformer.

Responsible Use: The hirer acknowledges and accepts that they are using the Reformer at their own risk and Chilli Pilates will accept no responsibility for any accidents of injuries that occur while using the Reformer Bed. The hirer acknowledges that by signing the rental agreement they understand how to safely operate the Reformer. The hirer undertakes to ensure no one else uses the Reformer who is not properly instructed. The hirer will ensure that the Reformer is not used by anyone under the age of 16 years old and the hirer shall not allow the Reformer to be used in any way other than in accordance with the instructions of Chilli Pilates. The hirer shall use the Reformer properly and ensure that it will be safe and without risk to health.

Responsibilities of Chilli Pilates: Chilli Pilates shall not be liable in any way by reason of, or as a result of, any defects in the Reformer however caused, except that Chilli Pilates does not exclude or restrict its liability for death or personal injury resulting from the Chilli Pilates’ negligence including that of its employees in the course of their employment by it.

Personal Use Only: The hirer acknowledges that the Reformer is being hired for personal use only and not in connection with a business. The hirer shall not at any time, sell, assign, mortgage, charge or sublet the Reformer or any interest in them or the benefit of this agreement.

Ownership: The Reformer is and shall remain the sole property of Chilli Pilates and the hirer shall not sell, offer for sale, assign, mortgage, pledge, lend or otherwise deal with or part with possession of the Reformer.