Basic Reformer Use and Care


Using your Reformer

  1. Pilates is about smooth and controlled movement. When performing exercises try to prevent the
    carriage from slamming in to the carriage stops and the springs from recoiling in an uncontrolled
    manner as this can damage the springs and shorten their life.
  2. Secure the carriage with at least one spring when your Reformer is not in use. Do not get on the
    carriage when there are no springs attached.
  3. When standing on the reformer always put your first foot on the standing platform and then the other on the
    carriage. When getting off the reformer from standing take your foot off the carriage first and then step down off the
    standing platform. If leg extensions are in use then a Gondola pole is highly recommended when standing on the
  4. Use your reformer in a clear space with at least 1m of space all around the machine. This Reformer is for indoor
    use only on a firm and flat surface.
  5. When using a Reformer less is often more, remember when performing certain exercises less spring resistance
    may make the exercise more challenging.
  6. Before starting any exercise program, consult a physician.
  7. Before using the Reformer, read and follow instructions in the safety manual and obtain thorough instruction from
    a Qualified Trainer.
  8. Use the Reformer for only recognised Pilates exercises.
  9. Stop exercising if you experience chest pain, feel faint, have difficulty breathing or experience musculoskeletal
  10. Keep clothing, body and hair free from all moving parts.
  11. Do not use if the Reformer appears worn, broken or damaged. Do not attempt to repair the Reformer yourself. Ensure
    equipment that is out of service cannot be used.
  12. Do not allow children to use or be around the Reformer without adult supervision.
  13. Do not exceed the maximum user weight for the equipment which is 150Kg.

Caring for your reformer

Below is a basic maintenance guide

  1. Please check the apparatus before first use and after each of the first few uses to check all the fittings are
    securely fastened.
  2. Springs – Inspect for signs of wear, look for deformation, kinks, gaps and corrosion. Springs showing signs of damage must not be used and must be replaced immediately. Springs must be replaced every 2 years or after 3,000 hours, whichever is first, or immediately if showing signs of fatigue or deformation.
  3. Foot Bar – check all allen bolts securing the padded bar to the aluminium arms and to the steel engagement bar and through the frame are tight.
  4. Runners – ensure the runners are regularly cleaned and kept free from dirt as this is the main cause for a noisy reformer. If excess dirt is spotted on the runners then the wheels may also need cleaning. We recommend cleaning the runners with a window cleaner such as windowlene. (note, the runners are where the carriage runs up and down on wheels, remove the springs so you can freely move the carriage and keep your fingers away from moving parts)
  5. Ropes and Handles – check ropes for signs of wear, fraying or nicks and replace if damaged. Check stitching on handles is intact and handles are not overly worn.
  6. PVC Upholstery – always ensure belts, jewellery and shoes are removed when working on the equipment as buckles, rings, watches and bangles can all end up damaging the upholstery. For cleaning upholstery we recommend cleaning antibacterial wipes, Chilli Pilates use a hospital grade wipe – Clinell. Other brands of antibacterial wipes are ok too, ensure they do not leave your carried slippery when dry. Do not use any alcohol based products as this will dry out and deteriorate the fabric.
  7. Shoulder Rests – check the pads are securely bolted on to the metal frame.
  8. Spring hooks – hand check that all eye hooks will not move.
  9. Check the handles are securely fastened to the rope.
  10. Nuts & Allen Bolts – visually check on a monthly basis that all nuts and bolts are securely fastened.


Troubleshooting Smooth Running of your A2RII Reformer

If you reformer is not running smoothly and quietly please follow these step in order to get it back up and
running smoothly:
1. Check the reformer is level using a spirit level
2. Check the runners and wheels are clean and free from dirt and grit
3. Check the wheels and bearings are not damaged. If damaged replace contact Chilli Pilates.

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