Chilli ‘At Home’


Take part in our 14 day Pilates ‘At Home’ challenge

We are inviting everyone to take part in our 14 day Pilates ‘At Home’ challenge.

Complete any one of our ‘At Home’ workouts everyday for 14 days and we guarantee you will feel great.


We’re in this together…

All of the Chilli Team are taking part in the challenge and we will be sharing photos and videos of their workouts everyday. Here’s Karen & Hamish doing some Pilates together…

Follow our progress online and get involved yourself, we would love to hear from you…



Exercise Videos


45min Workouts

30min Workouts

 15min Workouts


Stay Connected

Join our online Chilli community on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and post us your questions and messages.

We would really love to get your feedback and find out how we can improve the ‘Vitality at Home‘ platform for you.


Knowledge Library

Breathing with Pilates
How to control your breathing when exercising. by Glen Danbury
Improve your Posture whilst working from Home
3 tips for improving your posture whilst working from home by Dev Raghwani.
Exercising with Diabetes
Glen Danbury explains the 'Highs & Lows' of exercising with diabetes.
Keep your Spine moving
3 Fantastic Exercises to Move Your Spine by Steve Fisher.
Tailored Nutrition
The body needs three macronutrients for energy...
Sitting Pretty for Better Health
The negative issues with sitting are many but...
Kettle bell power
Kettle bells are a simple yet fantastic...


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