Looking after your feet in the Winter

Winter is coming! So it’s more important than ever to take care of your feet. “Why should I bother?” You ask. Well, neglecting your feet can lead to problems which are difficult to fix. Here are a few facts about your feet to convince you why you should be taking care of them, just as you would your skin, hair or nails.


Keep those Chilblains away!
Chilblains are small, itchy and swollen burns that occur on multiple parts of your body, including the feet and toes. I won’t show you a picture as it’s not a pretty sight (but if you really want to take a look just Google it). Chilblains are all down to the cold weather. Once you get them, they can disappear after a few weeks but I always recommend always consulting your GP at the first signs just in case.

Rest assured; there are a few things you can do to take care of your feet before you get to that point:
• Wear comfortable, protective shoes.
• Wear thick, warm socks to protect from the cold.
• Massage your feet nightly to get the circulation going.

Tidy those Toes!
Why rush to get your feet in tip-top condition just before you need them to look their best? If you keep them in a good condition throughout the year, it should be less stressful and expensive during the summer months when you really want to show them off the most. As the cold dries out your feet, you will be more prone to nail and foot infections. These tips will help you keep your feet in perfect condition, so you can say bye-bye to excess dry skin and cracked heels.

Try to keep these problems at bay by following this little list I’ve put together for you:
• Keep your feet clean by washing them with soap daily.
• Dry them thoroughly.
• Use a pumice stone regularly to smooth hard skin.
• Keep your nails short and straight to avoid ingrown nails (and keep them clean).
• Apply cuticle oil to keep your nails strong.
• Exfoliate those dead skin cells away.

Moisturise Me!!!
The temperature drops, the heating comes on and your skin dries out. Unfortunately there’s no getting away from it. Managing your dry skin is the best thing to do. Firstly make sure you moisturise your feet twice daily, in the morning and the evening. I recommend using water-based moisturiser during the day so you don’t slip and slide everywhere. At night you can use an oil-based moisturiser – these are best as they’re much richer and you will see quicker results.

Of course, don’t forget to feed your skin from the inside, you need a minimum of 2 litres of water daily, (and that’s just to keep your cells healthy) you’ll see a big difference by making that change alone.

I hope all that has helped a little and can give you some idea of how to care for your feet in the winter. To help you along and really kick-start your winter routine, we are offering 50% off your first treatment with us at SF Bespoke Beauty, Welwyn Garden City studio. To truly take care of your feet why not give our Deluxe Pedicure, Callus Peel or Tidy Toes Treat a go and we’ll help you take that step towards fabulous feet this winter.



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