Looking after your skin: Keratosis pilaris

Now that the weather is improving and we want to wear t shirts and shorts/skirts, we want our skin to look its best. Keratosis pilaris is a very common, harmless condition where small bumps appear on your skin. It happens when hair follicles become blocked with a build-up of keratin – a substance found in skin, hair and nails. Nobody knows exactly why keratin builds up, but the condition is thought to run in families. So if your parents have it, you may get it too.



Keratosis pilaris isn’t infectious, so you can’t spread or catch it. Although it can last for a long time there are things that may improve your skin.



  • moisturise your skin – ask a pharmacist what’s most suitable for you
  • use mild and unperfumed soaps and bathing products
  • gently scrub your skin with a washcloth or exfoliating mitt
  • have cool or lukewarm showers and baths
  • pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it after washing


  • do not use perfumed soaps or bathing products that can dry out your skin
  • do not use harsh scrubs on your skin – this can make it worse
  • do not have hot baths or showers
  • do not scratch, pick or rub your skin



We’re loving Keraphine by Obagi here at Face&Skin. It is targeted to treat Keratopilaris, a common, harmless condition where small bumps appear on your skin, mainly on the upper arms and legs. Using Keraphine daily helps to smooth rough, bumpy skin, restore healthy-looking skin and reduce dryness. It’s active ingredients are Glycolic Acid (15%) and Ammonium Lactate (5%). RRP £60. Contact us at Face&Skin for more information 01707586498 or 07470 263383

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