How to Fix Your Gut

7.01.20 by Lisa Unger

Are you feeling bloated?
Are you tired all the time?
Is it possible your hormones are affecting your life?
My online programme, ‘How to fix your gut: A 14 day kickstart programme’ could help you.
Why? Approximately 70% of your immune system resides in the gut. It is where the body defends itself against toxins. If it’s not working correctly it can lead to inflammation, malabsorption of nutrients, and an imbalance in the gut microflora. Gut health is at the root of most chronic illnesses. Inflammation and bacterial imbalance can cause bloating, inflammation in the gut can impair the hormones that help you sleep and regulate appetite, and an imbalance in gut microflora stops the regulation or impacts hormones such as oestrogen and thyroid hormones.
This programme may help you make positive change, improve your gut health, so that overall, you feel better.
I will be supporting you throughout the programme, giving you tips and advice for nutrition and lifestyle changes, and answering your questions as we go along.
The programme begins on 20th January, at a cost of £50. Before you start you will receive a shopping list, suggested menu planner and recipes, and food do’s and don’t’s. During the 2 weeks we will keep in touch with a closed facebook group, where we will offer support to each other, and I will be giving you advice and tips, answer questions, etc.
Is it for you? Yes, if you want to start to make positive changes, for better health!
How do I start? Enquire below or email me at lisa@lisaungernutrition.com and let’s begin this journey together.


Lisa Unger Nutrition

BSc Hons | dipCNM | mBANT | rCNHC

Email: lisa@lisaungernutrition.com



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