5 Ways to lose weight for the summer

We all want to look good, especially with summer just around the corner. Here are 5 useful tips to help you lose that extra weight and tone up for the summer!

1. Stay active: If you’re actively trying to lose weight this should be in your mind throughout the day. Try small things often, walking when you might normally drive, take the dog for a walk, dance, move if you’ve been inactive for too long! Constantly using energy throughout the day will keep your metabolism switched on and help to burn those calories.

2. Portion control: regular meals and reasonable portions throughout the day will keep you at a sustained level of energy while burning that food for fuel. Eating too much in one sitting can send you into a “food coma” making you sluggish, lacking energy and less likely to exercise. To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you intake, so skipping that second spoon of mashed potatoes can go a long way!

3. Cardio: Cardiovascular exercise is any form of exercise which is going to get your heart rate up for a sustained amount of time. This is a great type of training to burn calories as well as strengthen your heart and lungs. Try to do a moderate/high intensity cardio session 2-3 times a week for 30-60 minutes. Jogging, rowing, boxing, HITT training whatever you like to do, as long as it gets your heart racing!

4. Resistance training: Muscles weigh twice as much as fat so the more fat you replace with muscle the leaner you’ll become and the more weight you’ll lose. Resistance training is usually weight based but you can do a mixture of things. Pilates, weights, yoga, and TRX training are all good ways to to build muscle tone and strength. This will also help you to burn more calories even on the days you’re not training.

5. Eat and drink healthily: This may seem like an obvious one but when it comes to weight loss it’s the most important. We all know what healthy food is, the challenge is eating it consistently. Try making smaller change to start with and then go from there. Change your sandwich for a salad, flat white for an americano, and eat less carbs overall. The other killer for your weight loss journey is alcohol. Cut it out as much as possible and if you’re going to have a drink try something with less calories like a gin and tonic instead of a beer.

If you utilise these 5 tips you’ll see results within weeks! Regular exercise and a sensible diet are the only things standing between you and your ideal summer body! If you’re willing to take the challenge contact me for more information.

Sam Turle
Personal Trainer and Reformer Pilates Instructor

All services are provided by instructors on a self-employed basis.

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