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…for 7 days UNLIMITED Classes!


Add a Friend to your UNLIMITED Membership for any consecutive 7 days – Click icon below to send invite:


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Terms & Conditions

  1. Only 1 friend can be invited for ‘7 days UNLIMITED classes’.
  2. ‘7 days UNLIMITED classes’ can only be redeemed by a Non-Member.
  3. ‘7 days UNLIMITED classes’ starts on date of 1st visit and then runs for the following 7 consecutive days.
  4. Your ‘7 days UNLIMITED classes’ invitation is valid until 31st December 2019.
  5. If friend has not attended a class within 6 months, their first visit must be booked as a Taster Class and requires 90 minutes.
  6. All class attendees must be able to cope with moderate exercise, please consult us prior to attending if you have any existing injuries.
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