Enjoy UNLIMITED classes every month;

Attend any class, at any studio, at anytime!


“Having UNLIMITED classes has changed my approach to exercise. I now want to fit in as many classes as I can and I’m definitely feeling the benefits…

My neck and upper back are much more mobile and my general flexibility is improving week on week.”

Georgina Jones – UNLIMITED Member



Our UNLIMITED Membership is now SOLD OUT.

Please add yourself to our UNLIMITED Membership WAITLIST to receive priority access when more memberships are available;

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Waitlist – Terms & Conditions:

    1. By joining the UNLIMITED Membership Waitlist you will receive priority access when more memberships become available.
    2. By joining the Waitlist you are under no obligation to purchase.
    3. Being on the Waitlist does not guarantee you access to the UNLIMITED Membership as there is limited availability.
    4. Your priority is dependent on your position on the Waitlist e.g. if your in position 15 on the Waitlist but only 10 memberships are available you may not receive access to the membership.
    5. You will move up the Waitlist priority when memberships are sold.
    6. You will be notified when your Waitlist position gives you access to the UNLIMITED Membership.
    7. If you decide not to join the UNLIMITED Membership you will lose your position on the Waitlist and will need to reapply.



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