Transfer your extra classes to a friend


How does it work…

Simply complete the form below and the credits will be transferred within 72 hours.



Terms & Conditions

    1. Only ‘Class Credits Carried forward from 2019’ can be transferred via this page.
    2. A maximum of 10 credits can be transferred.
    3. Classes can be transferred to Members and Non-Members.
    4. Classes transferred to exiting Members will expire on 31st March.
    5. Classes transferred to Non-Members will be assigned a new expiry.
    6. If class credits are transferred to a Non-Member their first class must be booked as a Taster Class and requires 90 minutes.
    7. Taster Class can be attended at all 5 studio locations – Find your local studio.
    8. Must be able to cope with moderate exercise, not advised if you have any existing injuries.
    9. Classes are non-transferable.



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