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Have you ever seen a fellow member coming out of the fitness studio looking tired but smiling – closely followed by their Trainer and thought ‘I’d love to give that a try’ but told yourself ‘I’m not fit enough for a Personal Trainer?’. Well here is why you are…. and how it can become a valued part of your life…

Life is full of daily challenges that we should be preparing and maintaining our bodies for. Instead we expect so much from our bodies at such short notice. ‘my holiday is coming up!’ ‘I need to be beach ready in 3 weeks!’ Though this is a good short term goal – try looking at exercise and training as something that enables you to live a long healthy and happy everyday life.

Personal Training is so often associated with all of the amazing physical benefits such as weight loss – that we forget that daily activity can do so much for us in other ways:
> Stress reduction – getting a sweat on and getting your heart pumping is a fantastic way to reduce built up worries or stresses.
> Mood changer – ever notice your mood shifting during your workout and then walk out feeling mentally refreshed? This is because exercise releases natural endorphins that can improve your mood and confidence.
> Mental health – if you’re feeling stuck in a rut we’ve all been there at some point! Regular exercise could just be your answer, at the very least it will provide a healthy distraction and a good release of endorphins, and at most something to really focus your time and energy into potentially improving your whole state of mind.
> Me Time/Treat to Self – how often do you regularly make time for yourself? Exercise can be a terrific way to take a small break from daily life and focus on something that is puts your health first – and also have fun at the same time! If you constantly feel like you are the one looking after everyone – why not see a Personal Trainer?! You will have their full attention for an hour and you are the sole focus of their attention!

Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to be super-fit to see a Personal trainer. Why wait – get fit for yourself, now.

Whatever your goal is big or small- weight loss, strength, flexibility – it is worth seeing a Trainer to find out how they can help you achieve it. Remember – the session is centred around you – your current capabilities and needs.

This August you can try Personal training with Aimee in Welwyn Garden City with a 3 for the price of 2 offer – kickstarting your fitness journey or giving you the boost that you need to finish summer with a bang! At the end of 3 sessions you will have achieved;

– Setting a clear fitness goal with the help of Aimee and figuring out together how you can achieve this!
– A different mindset regarding your confidence towards your own fitness capabilities!
– A clear understanding that training can fit around your lifestyle without the worry of spending a fortune to find out!
– the chance to use different equipment with unique exercises to suit you!
– No more Personal Trainer fear!



“PT with Aimee is reversing the effects of 30 years of desk work and poor posture. Aimee varies and invents exercises that simultaneously build core strength, flexibility, and balance and coordination whilst  targeting my specific needs. She is friendly and sessions are fun and challenging, and when I struggle she is patient and encouraging and I know that working together and focusing on the details she highlights I will get there. I am really pleased with progress, having already achieved more than I imagined possible, and if anything the sessions are getting even better with Aimee inventing new and fun exercises every week.” David Thompson, Welwyn member and client

“I have been a client of Aimee since November 2017.I very much enjoy our fortnightly 1-1s as Aimee makes each session varied and stretching. I always come away feeling good in mind, body and soul. Aimee is a very professional, knowledgeable, kind and intuitive instructor. I have worked with other instructors in the past who have pushed me past my physical limits and caused pain whereas with Aimee she the builds confidence to push myself and I trust that she truly knows if it will hurt me or not. As a result, I have become stronger and more flexible and am very much enjoying learning and look forward to our next lesson.”  Mary Holt, Potters Bar member and client

“I love my sessions with Aimee because she is brilliant. I no longer feel pain in my shoulder and I feel much fitter. She has wonderful spirit; it’s a pleasure to attend her sessions!” Aude Brydniak, Welwyn member and client

Please get in touch with Aimee Martin to find out more.

All services are provided by instructors on a self-employed basis.

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