What our Members say

Heather Kenny

Welwyn Garden City

“Abbey’s always aware if my back’s bad or my knees are aching, and she’ll tailor the sessions around the way I’m feeling, but she still pushes me!”

Heather shares her experience of doing 1 on 1 training with Abbey and how her sessions are completely personalised, and every week she knows that the session will be adapted based on how her body feels but she will always get a challenging workout.


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Rita Summers

Welwyn Garden City

“I’ve lost a stone in weight, my body fat has gone down and I’m just a lot more active, it’s been great”

Rita describes the benefits she has felt from doing Pilates classes and 1 on 1 sessions, and how becoming more active has helped her lose weight and also change her mental out-look.


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Janet Hunt

Welwyn Garden City

“I’ve been coming for 3 years and there is still some stuff I can’t do, but every week you try a little harder and push yourself a little bit more.”

Janet tells about what she enjoys most about the classes and why even after 3 years she still able to work hard and improve week after week.


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Jarmaine Haddon

Welwyn Garden City

“I have no hesitation in encouraging my friends to come because it’s very clear that you can go into every class and do it at your own level”

Jarmaine explains how age is not a restriction at Chilli Pilates, and how in every class you’re able to work to your own level and this is why she’s always encouraging

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Suzanne Fowler


“If you’re feeling really strong and want to be pushed, you can really go for it”

Suzanne describes the versatility of the Pilates Reformer Bed and how each exercise you do can be modified to suit your needs and how the instructors can adapt exercises so you can really push yourself.

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Yvonne Bines


“Chilli Pilates has transformed my body, and my thinking!”

Yvonne talks about why she started Chilli Pilates and how it has improved her physical fitness, and also how it has helped change her mind-set about exercise.

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Mike Peacock

Welwyn Garden City

“I’m fitter now than I was when I was 18”

Mike explains how Reformer Pilates has helped him cope with ongoing back issues whilst still helping him to improve his health and fitness.

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Jo Gordon-Utting

Welwyn Garden City

“In the class I don’t think about anything else other than Pilates”

Jo describes how her Pilates classes give her time and space to relax, and how she is able to just focus on herself, her body and the Pilates exercises.

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Jan Tebb

Potters Bar

“It’s reassuring to know that whoever teaches the class, they will know about me and my specific needs.”

Jan talks about her first experience at Chilli Pilates, and how the instructors look after her in every class she attends; adapting each exercise to her specific needs.


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Alyson Mitchell

Welwyn Garden City

“I’m really seeing and feeling the benefits in my body”

Alyson explains how her regular Pilates classes have made her stronger and healthier, while also helping her to relax.

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Sarah Lamb

Welwyn Garden City

“We’ve been focusing on correct posture and it’s helped tremendously, in fact it’s been unbelievable”

Sarah describes how her 1 on 1 sessions at Chilli Pilates has helped her focus on specific goals like improving her posture, and improving her gait when walking and running.

Watch Sarah's full Chilli Pilates story here.

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