Unlimited Membership Suspension Application

A great benefit of your membership at Chilli Pilates is the ability to temporarily suspend while you are unable to attend classes. You can suspend your membership for a minimum of 4 weeks, up to a maximum of 11 weeks.

Important information about your suspension:

  • Suspensions are designed for members who are unable to attend classes for reasons such as holidays, surgery and recovery from illness. During a suspension, your online account will be suspended and classes cannot be attended. No membership fees are charged and no benefits/class credits will be accrued for the period of time you are away.
  • A minimum 7 day notice is required for all membership suspensions; the 7 day notice period is initiated upon receipt of a fully completed membership suspension application form.
  • A retainer payment of one month’s membership is required. This payment is not a charge and is non-refundable. Your payment will carry forward and pay for the months membership following your suspension period. This will be charged on or close to the day you apply for your suspension, unless you have paid 7 days before your suspension.
  • During a period of membership suspension all class reservations will be cancelled. Members will automatically retain their regular class reservation which will resume once the suspension has elapsed.
  • Membership will automatically resume once the suspension has elapsed and an automatic reminder will be sent 7 days prior to your return.

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