Studio Reopening Survey

We have been astonished by the number of responses we received to our recent Studio Reopening survey. The survey ran online from 15th to 24th June 2020 and in the survey we invited all Chilli members to give us their views on the reopening of our studios,

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey and for sharing your views and feedback.


How many Members responded…

73% of members (over 1500) submitted a survey.



When are you likely to return to Chilli Group Classes in the studios?  

53% of Members indicated that they would be willing to return to classes in July.



Cumulatively  82% of Members indicated that they would be willing to return to classes from September.




Understandably, some over 70s indicated that their return to classes will be delayed, this view was also shared by younger Members.



There is a slightly higher interest in an early return to classes in St Albans and Harpenden.



LIVE Online Reformer Bed classes:

Over 700 Members are already enjoying our ‘at home’ workouts and LIVE classes, and some Members have told us that they would also be interested in doing some LIVE Online Reformer Bed classes.

What are your views on this?

Do you own a Reformer Bed at home or would you be interested in buying one?

161 members said that they either already own a Reformer Bed or would be interested in purchasing one in order to attend LIVE online Reformer Bed classes.

This level of interest will allow us to offer a good choice of online Reformer Bed classes, and we are planning to offer an initial schedule of classes starting in July.

We will be publishing more information about LIVE Reformer Bed classes very soon!



Below is a selection of the most common Feedback, Suggestions and Comments received from Members

Feedback and Suggestions from Members

– Regular cleaning of beds – time to wipe/clean my own bed both before and after class.

– Gaps between classes to eliminate congestion between arrivals & departures or a one way in/out system.

– Hand sanitiser at each bed.

– More spacing between beds, smaller classes or use every second bed.

– No hands-on adjustments by Instructors.

– Allow short-notice cancellations for COVID-19 symptoms.

– Continue the live online classes regardless of when the studio opens, and offer dual memberships.

– I’d like a reformer at home, but I’d prefer to hire one – why don’t you rent your unused ones?

– A simplified at home version of fitness classes would be a great addition.

– Turn off air conditioning, and open the doors and windows.

– Don’t require masks (too uncomfortable), allow more space between reformers instead.

– Less studio space in the future may make booking difficult so I need a home class as an alternative if the studio classes are busy.

– Really enjoying the online live classes – retain these even after studios reopen.

– Close the changing rooms/areas. Bring personal possessions into the studio.

– Create multiple areas to store shoes and hang coats.

– Share in advance how Chilli will comply with guidelines around exercising in group classes in enclosed spaces.


Other Comments from Members

– I’m really missing my Reformer Bed classes and can’t wait to restart when the studios reopen!

– I’m loving the online workouts and the LIVE classes.

– I really want to come back but I’m just not sure. It depends on the community infection rate over time and how comfortable I feel when I see what you do to keep classes safe.

– I will return when the schools go back, not before.

– I need to be reassured facilities are safe.

– I live with a vulnerable person so sadly I cannot return until there’s a vaccine.

– Looking forward to returning to class.

– I would not feel comfortable in a studio with other people I do not know for 1 hour who could be spreading the virus.

– I’d return as soon as is reasonable. I don’t think that time is within the next few months.

– Open as soon as possible please. I can’t wait to get back.


Our Conclusions

Reopening: From September over 80% of Members have indicated an intention to return to classes.  We are therefore targeting to reopen on 31st August, subject to Government guidelines.

Safety: Many Members highlighted the need for a safe studio environment in their survey comments.  The Government have indicated that they will publish detailed coronavirus control guidelines for our type of business, but have not yet done so.  Although we are still waiting for these details, we can assure you that we will implement the Government guidelines as our minimum standard.  We will aim to exceed these Government requirements to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff, and we will always communicate our policies and our approach very clearly.

At Home Workout Videos & Classes: Many Members have asked us to maintain the ‘at home’ online workouts and ‘at home’ live classes even after the studios have reopened.  If there is a reasonable level of demand, we are likely to do this for the foreseeable future.

At Home Reformer Bed Classes: There is a good level of interest in ‘at home’ live reformer classes, so we are actively exploring this and are aiming to launch an initial selection of reformer classes from mid July. As more Members buy (or rent) reformers, we will expand the availability of reformer classes.

Staying in Contact: The pandemic situation and the national response to it is changing frequently, and this may change Members’ intentions again.  Depending on the situation, we may need to reconfirm Members’ intentions closer to our target reopening date of 31st August.


Thank you again for responding to the survey.  It has provided us with invaluable information about your needs and intentions.

Stay safe.

The Chilli Team




While our studios remain closed we will continue to provide some fantastic ‘at Home’ alternatives including a full library of workout videos and a weekly timetable of LIVE online classes.


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