Correcting your Posture

6.04.18 by Corina Murray

Postural testing is an extremely beneficial way to identify any underlying problems in the body that may be causing you pain. The session would include a visual assessment where I check over your posture, see if there are any deviations in the body and then work on a plan to help you correct this. Deviations in posture may be due to previous injuries either recent or from years ago. It could also be due to muscle imbalance from weaknesses or joint problems, limb length, the way you carry your bags or simply the way you sit.

If you find that you are particularly tight or ache a lot then a postural assessment can help detect where the problem is stemming from and then work on a plan to fix it. When exercising it is important to know which muscles to work and which ones to switch off. If your posture is causing muscle weaknesses or making the muscles ‘lazy’ it can lead to injuries when you work out. Learning how to fix this and switch on the right muscles is really beneficial for you to get the most out of your work out and avoid any pain.

The body naturally wants to use its stronger side which can lead to a pelvic tilt, and problems with the core stabilizers. All of the muscles, joints and spine work together to help the body function properly and help you to perform at your best without pain. If something goes out of alignment then you will need to stop and recover from any injuries caused which is not what you need or want!

To help correct posture, a basic exercise programme will be given to help strengthen the weaker muscles, help the joints function properly and get you exercising at optimal level. A lot of people now do group exercise classes which are great fun, sociable and tiring, however most of the exercises we do are performed wrong due to copying others or thinking you can push yourself more than you should be. You need to make sure you take it to your level, don’t push too much and make sure you are using the correct muscles (easier to do if you knew how with a posture assessment).

Awareness is the first step to understanding your posture related problems. If you have any back related issues it may be that your spine is slightly out of alignment, you could be lordotic, kyphotic or have scoliosis which are all different curvatures of the spine that can cause issues. This assessment will identify any of these and teach you how to adjust your body in exercise or just in day to day life.

If you think you have any posture problems, whether it be rounded in the upper back, an arch in the lower back, leaning to one side or feel weaker in one side to the other then book yourself in today for your assessment.

Corina Murray
Sports & Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Reformer Pilates Instructor

All services are provided by instructors on a self-employed basis.

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