Combatting Day to Day Stiffness

5.09.17 by Olaf Heritage

General aches and pains in everyday life can really hinder your capabilities when it comes to your occupation, leisure time or even your time spent at home, whether it be parenting, household jobs or the day to day commute. Stiffness within your body can contribute greatly to these aches, limiting the amount of movement available to you, common areas including your thoracic spine, lumbar spine, hips, neck and shoulders. Due to our varied lifestyles, everyone experiences different areas of tightness in different volumes and it could be posture related, activity/technique related or something completely specific to you. This is where the benefit of correct movement and therapy can really come into play and eradicate your main areas of stiffness and pain.

Deep tissue massage and manual therapy can work on releasing the specific structures that are causing stiffness as well as physically working on the joints that may be immobile, correcting the movement around a problematic joint(s). Reformer Pilates compliments and enhances the effects of therapy and aims to stretch you into positions you may not have realised were available to you, as well as working to strengthen through the muscles needing to be targeted. Working 1:1 with myself on a specific area of the body such as your lower back, we can really hone in on the stiffness you experience, getting deep movement into the joints that need it most, as well as focusing on predisposing factors that may have led to the initial problem in the first place, such as core strength or hip mobility.

What is on offer?
I will give you the opportunity to work on your specific needs through 25 minutes of deep tissue massage and manual therapy, directly followed by 30 minutes of 1:1 Reformer Pilates centring our attention on the very areas we addressed in the therapy room. For example, you may come to me with very stiff and tight shoulders, which coincide with neck pain and maybe even headaches. Our first 25 minutes in the therapy room would focus on releasing tight structures such as upper trapezius and other neck muscles, as well as manual therapy on neck vertebra if required. The remaining 30 minutes of the session would focus on upper body Reformer Pilates, stretching the chest and upper back, as well as strengthening your postural muscles, focusing on correct technique. By the end of the session, you will feel like you are walking taller without the aches and pains dragging you down. Of course, this type of session can work on many other areas of the body too, such as stiff hips and lower back or tightness through the lower limbs.

The combination of deep tissue massage, manual therapy and Reformer Pilates will complement each other vastly, giving you the power to lead a more pain free, mobile and worry-free life.

Olaf Heritage
Instructor and Sports Therapist

All services are provided by instructors on a self-employed basis.

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