4 Tricks To Feel Younger: Trick 2 – Daily Movement

28.03.17 by Thomas Millar

Daily Movement

Our bodies are designed to move. The modern sedentary lifestyle can be described as a ‘plague’ for our bodies. The body is not designed to stay still, especially sitting down at a desk or on the sofa. The seated position for long periods of the day has a lot of negative impacts on the body, especially the spine. Refer back to previous emails titled ‘How to Make Your Spine Younger’, and ‘4 Exercises for a Stronger, Healthier Back’ to revisit the effects sitting has on the body and spine.

If you find yourself sitting down for long periods of the day, for example, between 9-5 at work, and then getting home and sitting on the sofa for a few hours, and then sleeping until you repeat the same process over and over again, then you need to find easy and simple ways to keep your body moving throughout the day.

Your body is thriving for movements, so one simple way to keep you moving is to get up and go for a walk a few times throughout the day. If you know a few basic stretches then you can do that as well, especially if you remember some exercises from our classes, for example, the roll down. Finding any way to keep your body moving is better than keeping it immobile for many hours of the day.

A second way to keep your body moving is to make smart decisions when you can. Do you driving to town or are you able to walk? Could you take the stairs instead of the escalators or the lift? … you get the picture. The point being is to make smart decisions when possible to keep you moving and active, compared to a decision that is easier in terms of effort but much worse for the body over time.

For those of you that go to the gym, try to implement another 10 minutes into your workout for movement based warm up and cool down exercises, if you don’t do already. This will prep your body for movements for your session ahead.

These are just a few ways to try keeping your body moving each day.


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