We love Pilates, We love people

At Chilli Pilates we believe in five fundamental principles, which explain why thousands of people come and do Pilates with us every single week.

  • Enjoyable – Results come from a commitment to exercise but you only commit and adhere to exercise when you enjoy it. Therefore we make our classes fun and enjoyable so you will want to come back again and again. We thrive to create an atmosphere conducive to exercise and encourage interaction within the studio.
  • Challenge – Results are not earned without challenging your body. However, we make it our mission to find that right level of challenge for you – enough to inspire change, but not too much, which may provoke an injury. We endeavour to look after you and invest a lot in helping you achieve your goals.
  • Confidence – We are excellent at what we do and therefore have confidence in what we offer. We have thousands of happy customers and would love for you to join them. In doing so you will become more confident; confident in your body and confident in yourself.
  • Flow – Our classes are built with a fantastic sense of flow. This means one exercise will move seamlessly into the next, allowing us to get a lot in to one class! This occupies the mind giving you a wonderful sense of escapism and also tremendous value for money.
  • Progressive – The classes are delivered to help a wide variety of individuals from those looking to rehabilitate from an injury, to those who are looking for a workout to strengthen and tone their body. No matter who you are there will be a suitable level for you and we will progress you at the right speed for you. The classes also progress beautifully from the moment you step in the class and meet your instructor through the main body of the class to when you walk out the door. The time travels so quickly!


It’s all about you.

Although we teach Pilates in group classes, we are 100% dedicated to treating everyone as individuals; we pride ourselves on knowing our members by name, and more importantly knowing our members health issues and goals so that we can adapt and modify exercises to ensure not only their safety but to ensure they can get the maximum from each exercise and from each class.

Our Instructors are special.

Here at Chilli Pilates we train our own instructors.  They must have a minimum requirement to be a Personal Trainer or Therapist before they embark upon our 9-week, full time training process.   The education process is intense, focussed and designed to incorporate our key values including our own principles of Pilates, hundreds of reformer bed exercises, the latest research in how to train and move the human body and teaching and motivation techniques.

Only the best and strongest individuals make it through the final exams to become one of our Pilates Instructors.  Just ask them about our training academy when you come to a Pilates Taster class with us!

Reformer Bed Pilates

The Pilates Reformer bed is a specially designed piece of equipment that utilises a moving platform, a combination of resistance springs and a pulley and strap system. The bed itself also provides brilliant feedback ensuring you can maintain the correct posture and technique throughout each exercise. Lastly, the Reformer Bed incorporates resistance into the Pilates workout allowing us to modify the intensity of each exercise to suit individual ability levels.

Booking and Attending Made Easy.

Do you know why most people don’t get results from going to the gym?… because they don’t go!

Consistency and regularity are critical to success, At Chilli Pilates we have made this as easy as possible because with our ‘guaranteed class space’ you can reserve a regular space in a class of your choice, so you don’t have to worry about finding a time and space to come in. Plus, with our flexible on-line and mobile app booking systems you are in complete control over cancelling and rescheduling classes, and can update your schedule anytime day or night!

Our Personal Guarantee.

We are committed to providing the ultimate Pilates experience, and give a personal guarantee that you will enjoy a great class every visit. And if there is any reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money.

No quibbles. No conditions. No small print. It’s simple – If you are not 100% satisfied, please tell us within 24 hours, and preferably before you leave our studio. We will refund your money as fast as possible.

What our members have to say...

"I attend classes two to three times a week and have noticed positive differences in my body strength and flexibility. I look forward to attending classes and find the hour goes by very swiftly"

Jarmaine Haddon, Welwyn Garden City

"Classes are always improving; it’s obvious that there is continuous education of instructors so that the classes are always at a high standard. Chilli Pilates has a pleasant environment; it is clean and has brilliant seasonal decorations"

Linda Smale, Welwyn Garden City

"I would thoroughly recommend Chilli Pilates, the studios are clean and well equipped. All the teachers that I have classes with are professional, friendly and very helpful. Its going to be perfect in the new year to help me work off the Christmas indulgence "

Ellie Glen, Knebworth
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