Mastering the Pilates Elephant

21.07.16 by Thomas Millar

The Pilates Elephant is one of the many fantastic exercises that we teach at Chilli Pilates, it is great for lengthening and stretching the muscles in the posterior leg, the lower back and across your shoulders.

It can be a very challenging exercise to execute for the less flexible individuals, and there are some  basic technical errors that a lot of people make when performing this exercise. So if you do struggle with the Pilates Elephant then please take a moment to watch this video to pick-up some helpful tips…

Top Tips

– Make sure your bum is pushed backwards as far as possible.

– Keep your weight in your heels throughout the movement.

– If you’re very flexible in the hamstrings and calves then you can lift your toes up to deepen the stretch (not advised if you suffer with Sciatica).

– If your flexibility is limited then you can have a slight bend in the knees to assist the movement.

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