If you chase perfection, you will catch excellence

There is no denying inside every one one of us there is a desire to perform to the best of our abilities, especially when it involves making a change within ourselves or our bodies! 

Some of us use pilates for physical improvement, some of us for regular exercise and even some of us use pilates for a pure escape from the world and to be in the zone! However, how often do you mid pilates exercise think, ‘is this right?…’, ‘Should I be feeling it here?…’, ‘Can I get more out of this exercise?…’. 

I want to answer all those questions for you!

Perfection is unattainable, there are always ways we can improve, adapt and progress when it comes to exercise and bettering ourselves, but what stops us giving it a good try to get there? Falling short only to know we have achieved an excellent standard! You are your own challenge. The drive to want to be better is a great thing and with a goal in sight you can achieve a lot. 

What is Pilates really?

Pilates, originally created by Joseph Pilates, has always been a means of physical fitness practiced worldwide. Joseph Pilates had the goal of using the art of controlled movements to improve flexibility, build strength and also develop control and endurance within the body. Overall attaining and developing a strong core and helping posture/alignment of the body and balance.

The reformer bed, as you know and love, was introduced and created as a means to add extra challenge to these original movements and adapted to further challenge the body and control under the use of tension from springs and equipment.

Now about YOU.

You have a reason for coming to class and there are many of them, all of which have led to you coming to exercise whether that is once, twice, three times a week and so on. You are committed and have found enjoyment in this form of exercise so will want to walk away feeling like you have performed to the best of your ability and have much more knowledge in what you are practising?

When you focus on your technique, posture and understanding within classes you can get so much more out of the exercises and feel better for it. You would be very surprised how a subtle change to an exercise you think you were doing great can turn it into fantastic by breaking down the movement and focusing on each aspect of the technique from start to finish. If you work on these techniques and learn/understand the posture within the body for these exercises I promise you will walk away feeling more invigorated and accomplished!

I would love to help you achieve this feeling!

-Throughout February I am offering two 55-minute 1:1 pilates technique sessions for the price of one, £60. To focus on specific technique of exercises to better your class performance.

-Have someone in mind who isn’t a Chilli Pilates member but would benefit? I also invite them to make use of my offer and give pilates a try!


To enquire about this offer at the Welwyn Garden City studio please enquire below.


All services are provided by instructors on a self-employed basis.

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