Can I still do Reformer Pilates as a complete beginner?

2.05.23 by Thomas Millar

Can I still do Reformer Pilates as a complete beginner

A Reformer Pilates workout class may look complex and demanding, but it really isn’t! In fact, we’d go so far as to say that Reformer Pilates is actually an excellent Pilates workout for beginners for a number of reasons. 

You can go at your own pace 

One of the main issues with joining a mixed exercise group as a beginner is that it’s easy to feel left behind. If you’re exercising with people who are experienced, you can’t help but compare yourself to them. They’ll be able to stretch themselves further, go faster, won’t get confused about the more complicated moves, and keep going for longer periods of time before they get tired and out of breath – you know it’s all perfectly natural, but it’s dispiriting when everyone else in the class appears to be doing it effortlessly and you’re not! 

This doesn’t happen with Reformer Pilates. You’ll be using different parts of the Pilates reformer (the bed) for each movement, which means that for the majority of the time, there’s only one way of doing it. You’ll pick things up very quickly. The beauty of the bed is the springs which you can adjust to suit your muscular strength. You use different combinations of springs to help you progress by increasing the resistance in order to make the exercise harder. As a beginner you will put your springs on a lighter setting. This means you can be exercising next to someone who’s been doing Reformer Pilates for years and you will both be working at your own pace, benefiting as much as each other, and they probably won’t even notice that you’re not as experienced as they are! 

If it is too difficult, there’s always an alternative 

Every Reformer Pilates workout has an alternative. If you’ve got an injury or just find a particular movement too difficult, the instructor will be able to give you an alternative one that works the same muscles, but doesn’t put as much strain on your body. So, if you’re worried that, as a beginner, you might find our classes too hard, don’t worry, there’s always something you can do that will improve your fitness. 

You get more attention from the instructor

As Reformer Pilates uses the reformer bed, class sizes are limited to the number of beds that can fit into each studio. With a mat Pilates workout, you could have 20 or 30 people in the group which means the instructor’s attention is spread very thin. As the majority of our sessions are limited to 10 reformers, there are a maximum of 10 people per session. Our instructors are therefore able to spend more time with you, checking that you’re doing each movement correctly and always being close enough for you to ask questions. With more attention from your instructor, you’re more likely to be confident in what you’re doing, which means you’ll get more out of your session. 

Chilli instructors are multi-skilled 

At Chilli, you’ll get more than just highly trained Reformer Pilates instructors. All our instructors have additional qualifications and experience in complementary disciplines, whether it’s in sports science, nutrition, sports massage, personal training, injury rehabilitation, pre and post-natal Pilates, or lower back pain. This means they can offer a wealth of information beyond the Reformer Pilates exercises, contributing to your fitness journey, muscle strength and physical wellbeing. 

It only takes a minute

Individual reformer exercises only last for one minute, which means they’re ‘doable’. For the first 30 seconds, you’ll be asked to do the basic move, after which you’ll be offered extra movements that will make things a bit harder. But you don’t have to do them. In your first session, you’ll want to see how things go and how your body and your muscles cope with the workouts before deciding whether or not to push yourself. And when you know you’ve only got to hold out for a maximum of a minute before you move on to the next movement or have a rest, it’s a lot easier to keep going. 

Try it out for just £10

If you want to find out whether or not Reformer Pilates classes are for you without committing yourself, click here to choose your nearest studio and book a class. Use the promotion code TRY10 at the checkout and you’ll not only get your one-off trial lesson for just £10, you’ll also get the opportunity to bring a friend along for free! 

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