The Cadillac, Chair and Barrels

6.12.18 by Rachael Robb

Do you love pilates? Are you interested in trying something new? Why not experience some new pieces of apparatus? 

Pilates was first created by Joseph Pilates, during the first world war, when he was working as an orderly in a hospital with patients that couldn’t walk. He attached bed springs to hospital beds to help support the patients limbs leading to the development of a piece of equipment called the ‘Cadillac’. From there, other pieces of apparatus including the reformer, the ladder barrel and the chair were developed. Each piece of apparatus is aimed to assist in body alignment, stretching and strengthening, and increasing core strength. Just like in class the exercises can be adjusted by using different springs or adjusting the position of the exercise, making these different pieces of apparatus accessible to all skill levels. 

The pilates chair, also known as the ‘wunda chair’ was originally created by Joseph Pilates as a home exercise machine for New York City apartments with a very simple design of a seat, a pedal and some springs. The chair is considered to be the most challenging piece of pilates equipment if you are a runner, tennis player or golfer and want to increase strength in your legs and shoulders. However, the chair is not limited to strength exercises, it is also great for stability, mobility and core strength using functional movements, including standing, lifting and pushing. 

The Barrels, including the ladder barrel (shown in the picture), are primarily used to flexibility and spinal extension. Allegedly, the barrel was created by Joseph Pilates using empty beer barrels and upholstering them. 

The session will focus on the technique of exercises, some similar to exercises we do on the reformer, at a much slower pace and emphasis on the breath. Breathing patterns can sometimes be forgotten in class as there are so many other things to think about, and we find ourselves holding our breath. Generally, we breath out on the effort and in on the return. Some exercises can feel completely different as soon as we add in the correct breathing pattern.

So if you are looking to achieve a goal such as increasing your hamstring flexibility, or spinal mobility, challenge those abs you’ve created in class or you just want to have some fun and try something new then come and try a classical pilates session!


Rachael Robb

All services are provided by instructors on a self-employed basis.

‘My weekly one to one sessions with Rachael are fantastic! Through her knowledge and understanding of both your body and your ability she manages to set the bar at the right level and then build and continue to increase it – pushing you hard enough to give you the “burn” but ensure you come back for more!  She certainly knows how to get the endorphins to kick in!’ – Emma Kight, Client and Member WGC


‘I always feel good after attending my 1 2 1 Pilates sessions with Rachel. She gets me moving, gives me confidence, knows when to push and when not to, unkinks my back and makes my muscles work in ways I didn’t always think was possible anymore. She is always professional and keeps herself up to date in developing Pilates techniques and therefore continues to have a fresh approach to her work. Rachel will always be flexible and try accommodate changes in session times if needed. Very importantly she is personable and interested in other people – the session times fly by chatting’ – Nicky Evans, Client WGC

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