Matthew Bailey - Instructor

About Matthew

I am passionate about health and fitness relating to lifestyle management. From; weight management, confidence building, increasing muscular strength and endurance to long term specific rehabilitation such as MSK injury , cardio-respiratory, neurological diseases , cancer and diabetes among many more. I am a highly qualified and experienced Clinical Exercise Specialist and a Personal Trainer with years of experience of working within the NHS, the University of Essex and alongside Mcmillian, Arthritis UK and the MS society. Holding a BA(Hons) Fitness and Personal Training, an MSc in Cardiac Rehabilitation and qualifications in Exercise Referrals and Cancer Rehabilitation. I have worked with every kind of person imaginable from activity specific training such as marathon running, golf, tennis etc. to more overall health and fitness to allow each person to live comfortably within their environment and not allow their injury/chronic condition to control them but rather allow them to control their condition/injury. I strive to make each 1:1 session; fun, engaging and as effective as possible. working together to achieve great results that you are looking for. Please contact me for a chat about how I can help you reach your goals.


Matthew Bailey Personal Training

T: 07958412289


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