Leonie Hoy - Instructor

About Leonie

Hi! My name is Leonie Hoy. From a young age, I have always had a strong passion for fitness. However, this started through my love of dance. From as little as 3 years old, I studied many different styles of dance and competed and performed in many different locations over the years. I then furthered my training at Middlesex University, where I obtained a BA Honours in Dance Performance. Here, I learnt and performed a variety of well-established techniques, as well as studying how the body works in relation to dance and the understanding and applying of safe dance practise. Even though I had practised dance most of my life, during my time at university I realised that I needed to keep healthy and strong to support my body to be able to live my passion. It didn’t take long before I realised that through adding in strength training and regular, effective stretching to my daily routine, it would help me to refrain from injuries, and to just feel more comfortable and confident in my own skin!

From here, I gained qualifications in Level 2 Exercise to Music and Level 3 Personal Training. These helped to further the knowledge I had gained over the years even further. This is where I realised 2 things; one being that I loved teaching exercise to a group of people in an environment that was exciting and fun and two, I love being able to have that 1:1 experience with people so that I could tailor exercise to suit the way their body works and help to achieve their personal goals.

Since I started working at Chilli Pilates, I soon realised that the principles they represent as a business harmonize perfectly with what I believe should be achieved from fitness; confidence, enjoyment, and not to forget, a little challenge. But that’s what I believe makes this journey worth it. By teaching here at Chilli Pilates and offering 1:1’s in Pilates and Personal Training, I hope to be able to carry on my enthusiasm for fitness through helping you live my dream whilst helping you to reach yours!

Many times, throughout my life have I been asked why I love dance. The answer –

I love dance because I love the way I feel when I do it. It makes me feel safe because it’s all I’ve ever known. However, I love the challenge that it gives me on a regular basis. I can learn a new routine and feel like I’m never going to remember it or that it’s too hard. And then overtime through hard work, I get it and it feels amazing.

Now let me ask you something. If I asked if you felt the same when you exercised because you felt comfortable doing it or loved the feeling it gives you, would you say yes? If yes, then great. I hope you will let me join you on this journey. If not, my goal would be to help you experience this feeling. I want to make you feel that you can feel safe whilst exercising. You can enjoy it and love it. It will be challenging, but I can help you.

T: 07515180111

E: leoniehoy827@gmail.com


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