Leo Haeusler - Pilates Instructor

About Leo

Ever since I was a young boy growing up in Germany, all I wanted to do was be active and play sports.This passion for sports didn’t change and grew even bigger as a teenager and I played football and tennis at competing level. I eventually decided to continue playing only tennis so I could train harder and perfect my skills in one sport so I could compete regionally across Germany.

I began at 16 to teach tennis to children and this made me realise that I wanted to teach or coach as a profession because I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and watching my students begin to improve. I then trained for 3 years to become a personal trainer and after my graduation, I decided to follow another big passion of mine; travelling!

I started working on the biggest german cruise liner as a personal trainer and outdoor guide which was a fantastic experience for me. I led and guided mountain bike tours all over the world and was able to see and explore so many amazing sights. It was extremely fulfilling seeing how happy clients were after a breathtaking bike tour or a personal training session where they achieved something and this is what drove me and still drives me to do what I do.

Leo Haeusler
07849368179 leonard.haeusler.pt@gmail.com

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