Laurie Parks - Instructor

About Laurie

Laurie trained as a dancer from a young age which began her passion for health and fitness. She first started mat pilates at the age of 16 to supplement her training and it didn’t take her long for her love for pilates to flourish as she saw how the practice transformed her posture, strength, body awareness, as well as her mind and spirit.  After graduating from vocational dance college she performed and taught with various different companies gaining a range of experience whilst achieving her mat pilates and personal training qualification. 


She embraces every key aspect of exercise and always find new ways to challenge the body whilst improving health and wellbeing, whether it is through postural corrections, weight loss, conditioning or injury rehabilitation.


As a Pilates Instructor, Laurie loves teaching and sharing her passion with others to help them improve their health and lifestyle. She is excited about helping her clients develop more body awareness, flexibility and strength and facilitate exercises to become a foundation for transforming everyday movement patterns. These small changes make a huge difference in functional movement and daily life. 


As Joseph Pilates wrote, “Good posture can be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism of the body is under perfect control.”


Laurie believes that everyone has the ability to achieve their goals providing they have the right support, positive environment and a plan which is unique to them, that is what she aims to provide through personal training.



T: 07590 442835

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