Katie Logan - Instructor

About Katie

I have always had a passion for exercise which has driven me to pursue a career in health and fitness. I enjoy helping others to discover a type of exercise that they enjoy and can also help to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Throughout my life, I have played almost every sport including tennis, rugby, football and hockey. I have experienced injuries that have brought me to pilates as a way of looking after my body better so that I will hopefully be able to play sport for longer.


I was awarded a first class degree in Biomedical Science and have recently completed a masters in Exercise Physiology at the University of Loughborough. I am a Level 3 Personal trainer, and I want to use my knowledge of human biology and exercise physiology to help people reach their goals. If there’s a challenge that you’ve always wanted to achieve but never felt like you could, then I would love to help. I aspire to share my passion for physical activity and help others find enjoyment in exercise.

Contact details:

E: katielogan5@gmail.com

T: 07857519430

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